andrea lombardini_bass
leo genovese_piano, keys
bob gullotti_drums

“In the past few years Andrea Lombardini has been moving with focus and resolve toward this recording; he has worked carefully to refine the elements of his playing and writing that flower so gracefully here. What seems to unfold with so little effort in this music is, I know, the result of considerable hard work, and of great determination. Mr. Lombardini, his lurking wit aside, is a very serious musician. The electric bass is rarely played successfully in a jazz context;
an instance so thoroughly successful
as this is heartening indeed.
Mr. Lombardini can walk!
A swing groove as deep and wide as
his would be notable within the large community of tradition-minded young acoustic bass players; among electric players it stands virtually alone.
And there is a singing quality to the sound he makes, the product, once again, of considerable hard work. Such a sound on one’s instrument, whatever the instrument, doesn’t come easily. In my experience the integration of the electric bass into the classic jazz piano trio is the final and most difficult test, not just of the bassist but of the pianist and drummer as well. All three players need to be sensitive to the slight shift of ground caused by the electric’s presence, and to turn this to advantage. Andrea, Leo and Bob do this here. This is the kind of music I like best, informed by a sure sense of the rich tradition of jazz, but moving beyond it. 
With the songs he’s written, with his solid, sensitive bass playing, and with the help of his two compatriots, Andrea Lombardini has made music of real substance.”
Steve Swallow